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Betsy Lewis Napangardi

Born: c. 1940- 2008 (deceased)

Location: Kunajarryi

Language: Warlpiri

Dreamings: Ngalyipi (Snake vine), Karnta (Women), Jintiparnta (Edible Fungus), Ngalyipi (Snake Vine), Mina Mina (Dreaming Site), Kurrkara (Dogwood).

Betsy Lewis was born at Kunajarryi, west of Yuendumu, in the bush before there were hospitals in the region. She moved to Mt. Doreen Station with her family when she was quite young, and was brought up by Paddy Japanangka Lewis. She went to school in Yuendumu and has lived there ever since, with sojourns in Nyirripi, a neighbouring community. She started painting in 1999 and has participated in a large number of group exhibitions and one jointly with Judy Watson. Betsy passed away in February of 2008.

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