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Barbara Reid Napangardi

Born: c. 1962

Birthsite: Tjurkula, near WA

Language: Pintupi

Barbara Reid Napangardi was born around 1962 near Tjukurla in the Gibson Desert, Western Australia. Barbara is the daughter of world renowned artist Ningura Napurrula. Barbara works in an individualistic style depicting the country of Tjukurla in the Gibson Desert, Western Australia.

Barbara's paintings are beautiful depictions of place, paintings of the lands to which she is custodian and the songs that explain them. Characteristic for Barbara is the depiction of puli - rock formations, and tuli - sand hills, those features that are so much a part of the land from which she comes. Also vital to Barbara's work is the telling of women's sacred stories - minyma - narratives that revolve around the role of the woman as healer and provider within traditional society.


Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin, touring exhibition in America, Indonesia and Regional Galleries

"Salt, Sand and Spinifex" Japingka Gallery, June 2000.

"Barbara Napangarti Reid" Vivien Anderson Gallery, August 2000

  • 17th National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award, Darwin N.T.
  • Gallery Gondwana, Alice Springs, 2000
  • "Dreamtime Stories" Cicada Trading gallery in France and the Middle East 2006
  • Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory, Darwin.

Finalist, 17th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Awards, Darwin

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